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Hamlet performed by TRBTS in November 2019, as an immersive, promenade production, in the Georgian backstage apartments of Theatre Royal Bath.

I must be cruel only to be kind;

Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.

A nation is in mourning, and political upheaval seems inevitable. When a young student is called home from university, they find their world changed beyond recognition, and the heaviest of duties lain at their feet.

TRBTS presents Shakespeare’s universal study of loss, rebellion, revenge and madness in a brand new site-sympathetic production. In such uncertain times, who can be trusted? What is to be believed?

One may smile, and smile, and be a villain…

Directed by Soph Jacobs-Wyburn, produced by Alex Duarte-Davies. This production was also professionally filmed and edited. Full company details below, please get in touch with any questions.

Hamelin Company

Second Player – Amelia Rodriques-Dawkins

Priest – Amelie Gorringe

Gertrude – Anna Roberts

Laertes – Avery Trotter

Voltemand – Austin McClelland-Jenkins

Fortinbras – Elijah Watkins

Rosencrantz – Elise Elston-Thompson

Guildenstern – Eve Williams

Francisco/Sailor – Ewan Hipperson

Osrick – Fabian Butler

Captain – Gaia Eynon 

Messenger/Second Clown – Genevieve Murray

First Clown/Gravedigger – Harry Bradley

Hamlet – Inez Solomon-Gardner

Reynaldo – Lucas Kover Wolf

Marcellus – Matilda Broadbridge

First Player – Remy Benson

Ophelia – Rosa De Korte

Polonius – Ryan Crabbe

Horatio – Arthur Morris

Bernardo – Thomas Kelsh

Claudius/Ghost – Yves Morris

Assistant Stage Managers

Antony Nightingale

Annie Chambers

Juliette Marinelli

Julia Irvine

Matthew Smith

Rocco Roth


Wardrobe Assistants & Dressers

Isabella Marinelli

Lizzie Skellett

Sephy Priston

Hamlet Creative Team

Director’s Notes

To say that staging Hamlet is a challenge is, at best, an understatement and at worst, a naïve remark that fails to capture just how provocative the Great Dane can be. It is always a privilege to work with our talented Theatre School members on productions, but watching them scale such heights has been nothing short of dizzying. But then comes the weight of expectation. With a lineage so long and so star laden, how can this story still be fresh, still exciting? How is it still relevant after over four hundred years? Well, at its heart, it is a surprisingly simple tale. A young person arrives home from university to grieve a lost parent. But when they do, they find that absolutely everything has changed. How can we choose to do the right thing if we have absolutely no idea what that is, or who to trust to help us?

This Elsinore is a world not too far away from ours. It is peeking into the future that we are now living, and we can see its shadows creeping across the borders between. So too, these experiences are not too far away from ours – we have all experienced indecision, distrust, fear. We have all loved, and most of us, lost. Even if we have not become parents ourselves, we are someone’s child. There is universality here. These incredible young people have claimed this story for all of us.

Sophie Jacobs-Wyburn
Soph Jacobs-Wyburn - Director

I love this play. I love this story. I love it’s certainty in its own grey areas, and how it revels in its own uncertainty. It offers up no clean and concrete answers for the many complex and labyrinthine dilemmas that wind through the action, and it poses more questions than we can possibly keep up with as we watch fate unwind. Perhaps this is why it stays with us all a little, no matter how fleeting our contact with it. The image of the Prince of Denmark staring into the face of Yorick’s skull is inescapable after all. Hamlet’s attempted journey to accept the inevitable, and relinquish the attempt to control the uncontrollable, is surely just our own.

Hamlet Creative Team

Producer — Alex Duarte-Davies

Director — Sophie Jacobs-Wyburn

Assistant Director — Jacob Ruddle

Designer — Sam Wilde

Costume Supervisor — Anna Dixon

Production Manager — Lisa Hall

Stage Manager — Kay Hudson

Composer and Musical Director — Ellie Showering 

Fight Choreography and Fencing Teacher — Mike Cleary


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