Folk Lore

Folk Lore was devised and staged by TRBTS at The Egg Theatre, Bath in April 2019.

For we were up as soon as any day-O, And for to fetch the summer home. The Summer and the May-O, For Summer is a-come-O, And Winter is a-gone-O!

It is uncertain times for the collective nations of Great Britain. The people are labelled divided, rootless, without an anchor in their own culture. Particularly the English.

And yet this year, as with every other year, thousands will descend on the small town of Helston, Cornwall, to celebrate Flora Day. Dancing through the streets and singing the mysterious ‘Hal-an-Tow’, they will take part in the oldest English folk custom still practised today – one whose roots are shrouded in mystery.

TRBTS explores an elusive cultural heritage through traditional story, song, and dance. Can we answer any questions about our future by looking back into the mists of our past? This production was directed by Soph Jacobs-Wyburn, and produced by Alex Duarte-Davies. Full company details can be found at the foot of this page. Please email for more information.

Folk Lore Company

Goram – David Alexander

Dissenter/Fenman Dancer – Clementine Alford

Fenman Dancer – Lily Bailey-Parkin

Smuggler – Caragh Fletcher

St George – Talia Galise

Fenman Dancer/Smuggler – Daisy Jackson

Giles Cannard – Amos Loughridge

Vincent – Harriet Meates

Little John – Lily Poole

Apple Tree – Ella Rayner

Morris Morrison – Beatrix Roberts

Cecil Sharp – Emily Rorison

Dissenter – Jack Leemans

Narrator of the Story of Helston – Ester Thornton

Narrator of Bristol Giants/Fenman Dancer – Mae Van Raalte

Robin Hood/Fenman Dancer – Sophie Watts

Narrator of Bristol Giants – Miranda Webb

St George’s Announcer – Kiah Zdyb

Director’s Notes

What a rich inheritance we have here in the South West! A wealth of song, dance, and tales spring from the landscape around us, and infiltrate almost every aspect of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. It lives in the names of our towns and streets, our understanding of landmarks, and our half-remembered snippets of history. Its rhythms and melodies hum us on our way, and are never stronger than at this time of year – when we turn from the darker days of Winter and look towards the balmy ease of Summer.

When we first started working on Folk Lore we had absolutely no idea where our investigation would lead us or what we would learn. Devising is always a bit of a gamble in that respect. It takes a great deal of trust, not only in the company you’re working with, but in yourself and your own work. With every twist and turn we’ve been on, the buoyancy of this incredible group of young people, their hard work and commitment to each other, has been a joyful constant.

I hope you enjoy Folk Lore, and will raise your voices with us – for summer is a-coming in, and winters gone away-o!

Soph Jacobs-Wyburn - Director

Assistant Director’s Notes

The devising process started by sharing the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of our community, passed through generations by word of mouth – folklore. This along with the music which is so integral to folklore formed the foundation of the piece you see today. I have really enjoyed working with Sophie. It’s been really interesting watching Ellie and Sophie working with the company to incorporate music throughout the piece. The company’s enthusiasm and creativity has brought all of this to life.

— Emmie Raine, TRBTS 16+ Member and Assistant Director

Folk Lore Creative Team

Producer – Alex Duarte-Davies

Director – Soph Jacobs-Wyburn

Assistant Director – Emmie Raine

Designer – Alison McDowall

Wardrobe Supervisor – Rachel Birch

Wardrobe Assistant and Dresser – Bethany Boldero

Production Manager – Lisa Hall

Stage Manager – Holly Marshall

Composer and Musician – Ellie Showering

Production Assistant – Hattie Taylor

With special thanks to all the parents, families and friends of the cast and creative team, as well as St Andrew’s Primary School. Without you all, this production would not have been possible.


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