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Here at Theatre Royal Bath’s Creative Learning Department, we provide high quality specialist training and industry insight to all our members and students. Whether from Theatre Royal Bath Theatre School, or Bath Theatre Academy, we believe in building a strong foundation from where early career artists can take creative risks whilst feeling supported and celebrated.

That support often extends beyond graduation, with our alumni keeping in regular contact, updating us on their continued industry engagement and progression.

For the first time, thanks to the generous support of Orseis Trust, we are offering our alumni the opportunity to apply for a one-off bursary of up to £4000 to help fund a creative project, or advance their developing creative practice.

Can I Apply?

 This scheme is designed for Alumni of Theatre Royal Bath Theatre School and/or Bath Theatre Academy, with a focus on those whose backgrounds, lived experience and skills are underrepresented in the theatre sector. We hope the scheme will enable successful applicants to develop their creative practice, specifically within the theatre industry, either through project development or skill building.

In order to apply you will need to be – 

  • A graduate of TRBTS,  or current member of the TRBTS 18-25 year old cohort, who;
    • Attended for at least three terms (not necessarily consecutively)
    • Attended post the age of 16 years
    • Graduated within the last five years
  • Or a graduate of BTA who;
    • Graduated with an Extended Diploma
    • Graduated within the last five years

What Would I Get?

We are looking to distribute a one-off bursary/bursaries of up to £4000 towards specifically identified projects/costs.

The project(s) that are selected will be encouraged to identify themselves as being in receipt of the bursary. Digital assets will be provided for use in marketing materials, and TRB/The Egg social media channels will be used to support the project where appropriate.

We will also seek to offer support in kind wherever possible. This could include (but is not limited to) mentorship from Egg Staff, possible use of rehearsal space, and being connected with TRB’s/The Egg’s industry contacts where appropriate, as well as guidance on Creative Intellectual Property and Artist’s Rights.


What Could I Use It For?

What do you need it for?

We’d like this scheme to help early career artists be able to get their creative projects off the ground, and further their development as theatre makers. This could mean that you need some financial support in the short term, to cover living costs whilst you build your project, heading into R&D, or enabling you to commit to a first-outing run of your new production. Or maybe more practical costs are your concern – room hires, or equipment fees perhaps?

Of course, you might have set your sights on a larger budget. In which case this scheme could support the paying of fees to a professional producer working with you on an Arts Council Bid, or make sure that you can pay the exciting folks you want in the room with you while you work.

However you envision this money could support you and your work, let us know in your application.

Please note though – we have a few things we won’t fund. The money is not intended to be used towards general living costs outside specific project dates, or to top up funding for a project you are not a lead artist on. We also won’t put the money towards your living costs whilst you are in HE/FE training – if you need support in those circumstances, get in touch and we can help you find options for help. If you have any questions, please do get in touch, we’re always happy to have a friendly chat.

How Do I Apply?

Once you’ve read these notes, maybe had a chat with us, and decided what you might use the money for, you’re ready. 

Please fill in the application form – all we need is your name, contact details, and your alumni details, followed by your vision. Simple right? We know, it sounds more straightforward than it is. 

To help – here are some questions to guide you – 

  •  What is the idea/project?
  • Talk us through the budgeting – how do you intend to spend the money? Have you researched these costs?
  • How would receiving a grant impact your wider work? How do you envision it helping you aside from the project?
  • Who else would it impact or help?

Try to be as detailed and clear as you can. Feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your work too. We are keen to make sure we fully understand how a grant might help.

As part of our application process we are happy to receive short videos in place of the written form – please ensure that your video doesn’t exceed three minutes in length.

We need to receive your application by noon on June 3rd 2022 . We will then review the applications and invite a shortlist of applicants to have an in person chat over the following two weeks. Following these meetings, offers will be made to successful applicants by June 17th. We will inform all applicants at every stage of the process whether or not their application is being taken forward, and will provide appropriate feedback.

Applictions for 2022 are now closed

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Applications for 2022 are now closed

You can still check out all the information about our Egg Young Creatives Bursary 2022 here, and get in touch with staff.

BUT we won’t be accepting any more applications at this time.

Watch this space for updates and info for 2023!

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