Boudica by Tristan Bernays was stage by TRBTS at The Egg Theatre, Bath in November 2018.

The sound of the drums and war-cries are getting closer. She will have revenge. She will make Rome quake in fear.

61 CE, Britannia. On the furthest outreaches of the Roman Empire – at the very edge of the known world – rebellion is brewing. Boudica is a brand-new ancient-history play, which tells the story of one of Britain’s most iconic women; a Queen, a warrior, and a rebel – as she battles to reclaim what is hers. But is a gold chain still naught but a chain?

The production was directed by Soph Jacobs-Wyburn, produced by Alex Duarte-Davies, and the production photography was by Nick Dale. Full company details can be found at the foot of this page. Please email for more information.

Boudica Company


Boudica – Caitlin O’Connor

Blodwyn – Inez Solomon-Gardner

Alonna – Rebecca Ostry

Cunobeline – Yves Morris

Clothen – Gregory Green

Badvoc – Remy Benson

Andraste – Isabella Levi

Gunnervik / Guard – Katie Glassbrook

Druid – Genevieve Murray

Belgic Warrior – Eve Williams



Gaius Suetonius – Fabian Butler

Catus Deciamus – Tess Morris

Sejanus – Edward Cook

Silvia – Maddie Whitmore

Cato – Harry Bradly

Lucius – Eve Williams

Sestus – Ashley Davey

Centurion 1 – Ryan Crabbe

Centurion 2 – Emmie Raine

Messenger – Blue Jackson

Roman Woman – Poppy Blake


Deputy Stage Manager – Callum Mander

Assistant Stage Managers – Matt Smith & Katerina Petmezas

LX Operator – Anthony Nightingale & Cerys Ireland

Sound Operator – Oscar Wall

Wardrobe Assistant – Caleb Wilkinson

Director’s Notes

Boudica is an epic undertaking for any company of theatre makers. A modern history play, Boudica was written for Tristan Bernays for the incredible space of The Globe. It is a sprawling epic, covering not only the tumultuous rise of the Icenian Queen’s rebellion, but the peculiarly blood-soaked history of this isle and its people. What makes somewhere home? What makes someone kin? Are Home and Kin worth dying for? Worth killing for?

Ultimately this very ancient story has proven to have very current implications, and to be looking firmly towards the future. How perfect then for interrogation by this talented company of young actors. I could not have asked for a more compelling start to my tenure as Artistic Director of the Theatre School than confronting Britain’s first hero head on, surrounded by exciting, dynamic, and astonishing performers.

It has been a privilege.

Soph Jacobs-Wyburn - Director

Boudica Creative Team

Producer – Alex Duarte-Davies

Director – Soph Jacobs-Wyburn

Fight Choreographer – Tiffany Rose

Designer – Charlotte Cooke

Costume Supervisor – Patricia Richards

Production Manager – Mark Munday

Stage Manager – Becky Vowles

Lighting Design – Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn

Sound Designer – Dinah Mullen

Fight Choreography Assistant – Russell Eccleston

Production Assistants – CJ Turner McMullan, Lauren Stone-Symes and Roxy Thomas

Roman Shields constructed by Ed Browning


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