Sophie Jacobs-Wyburn
Sophie is a champion of innate creativity, a theatre-maker and an advocate for creating professional art work with those of all ages. Firmly believing in serious playfulness, and playful solemnity, Sophie specialises in puppetry, theatrical anarchy, and joyful pushing of the boundaries.
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TEA Break Chats!

Want to know about some of the most exciting jobs in the creative/tech/theatre industries? And how YOU could do them? 🤔💭

As part of our new series of ‘Tea Break Chats’, we grab some of our favouritest people for a quick natter over a cuppa (via Zoom, obvs) and squeeze them for some canny career advice and invaluable intel about what they do and how they do it (so well). 🙂 

This week we’re catching up with Kerry Harrison, big brained ideas volcano and co-founder of creative/tech agency, TINY GIANT

Check out more from Kerry’s dizzying creative mind over at –

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