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Protected: Time Travelling Adventurers! (ages: 7-8)

Meeting date 17/04/2021 11:00 am
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Are you ready for a journey? Are you ready for adventures? The past is teeming with discoveries, treasure maps and legends. The future is exploding with possibilities! Throw on your time traveller’s backpack and join Stevie Thompson and Alex Wollacott in their time machine to zoom from place to place and meet dinosaurs, old kings and queens and robots of the future. Along the way, you’ll play games together, complete tasks, tell stories, solve problems and most of all, have fun! Perfect for a little lockdown escapism. These sessions are provided with automated closed captions and can be provided as text/audio/visual recordings to Assemblers after the session. *A sibling discount is also available, whereby any sibling can join the sessions for half-price on the same screen up to a maximum of three participants. FOR AGES: 7-8

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