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Protected: Acting for Digital Stages (ages: 19-25)

Meeting date 13/04/2021 6:00 pm
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With digitised platforms and spaces growing, what exactly are the new rules of acting? Is theatre training still relevant? Isn’t it all just film acting? Join Sophie Jacobs-Wyburn for a quick-fire introduction to the fun to be had performing on these emerging stages, and how freeing it can be to work without a roadmap. This summer, we will be launching our brand-new digital experience, ROUTES, which will form the basis of the material explored in these workshops. *CASTING NOTICE* For those that are interested, we will be casting ROUTES from the participants at these workshops with rehearsals, filming and recording taking place in April/May. Please do contact us directly if you have any questions about this process, or can’t make the workshop dates. These sessions are provided with automated closed captions and can be provided as text/audio/visual recordings to Assemblers after the session. FOR AGES: 19-25

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