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The Egg Assembly is unique

At The Egg Assembly, we are building a new home. A home where we can explore a blended world of technology, art and theatre. A home for everyone!

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We’re stepping forward, side by side. Working together to create great thingsin new and exciting ways. 

Whether you’re aged 5 or 25, downloadan example of our timetable below.

I just want to congratulate you on such a well thought through programme you are running for Summer Assembly. [My young person] is the most energised I have ever seen him, and it is so exciting to watch particularly after such poor interaction from school and the chaos of the last few months.

Summer Assembly 2020 participant

I found all the course leaders inspiring.

Summer Assembly 2020 participant

I found the poetry workshops very inspiring and they taught me lots.

Summer Assembly 2020 participant

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Courses and workshops can range from £5-£85 and we can offer financial assistance if this causes a barrier. Just get in touch with the TEA team to find out more. 

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