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Unleash Your Inner Playwright

What theatre really needs right now is… YOU!

Over the course of four sessions, we will begin to explore the slumbering playwright in each of us and start to grasp how we all have a story to tell.

We will look at how to access what makes you unique as a writer as well as learning from each other. We will look at methods of getting started (often the hardest bit) as well as exploring characters, conflict and, vitally, structure.

The wonderful actor and writer, Saikat Ahamed (see below) – a familiar face to Bristol Old Vic, Tobacco Factory and National Theatre audiences – is our course leader, happy to share both his many, many mistakes as well techniques that always seem to help.

This series of five one-hour workshops are provided with automated closed captions and can be provided as text/audio/visual recordings to Assemblers after the session.

FOR AGES: 12-14